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Knyga Origami and Kirigami for the Home

Prekės kodas: 9781789940824
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A colourful guide (with accompanying online video tutorials) to creating decorative pieces for the home, parties and events alongside ideas for presents, cards and gift wrapping.

Origami is the Japanese art of paper folding and kirigami is the traditional art of paper cutting. In this beautifully illustrated book, paper artist Wei You introduces you to over 30 unique projects for your home that can be made by anyone, regardless of experience.

After learning the basic folds, discover different paper types – try out pretty handmade ones such as mulberry and decorative washi, or experiment with the full rainbow of classic origami paper – and find a wealth of ideas from table decorations and tiles, to gift wrap and seasonal decorations. In no time at all you will have the skills to craft delicate roses and stylish card holders, striking wall art to decorate your home, parties and events, as well as unique eco-friendly ideas for presents and cards.

Easy-to-follow instructions, photographs and diagrams guide you step by step through traditional and contemporary designs and accompanying videos for each origami project will ensure you develop your skills to create some truly impressive makes.

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