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Prekės kodas: 9789063693992
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George Lois is an American icon in graphic design. This book showcases his logos with his own comments on why they work. A bonus in the book is a chapter of world logos made by others with George Loiss comments on why they are so good. George Lois continues to prove that a memorable brand name interacting with a strong visual symbol to communicate a humanistic idea is the ultimate art form in popular graphic communication. His Big Idea branding and logo design, developed with a built-in, conceptual, catchy brand name, can visually impart information in a nanosecond, delivering a specific ethos with a penetrating promise of power that immediately sears a products virtues into a viewers brainand has the potential of bringing instantaneous success. Lois boldly states, My goal, with the vast majority of the brands I have named and logos I have designed, is to create humanistic symbols, driven by a pregnant idea, visualizing some recognizable aspect of the human experience, and magically relating it to a unique selling proposition that empowers great advertising and promotion. If anyone wants to experience the creation of Big Idea Branding, this astounding compilation of the work of George Lois is

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